Footwear Industry in China – Leathers, Sports, Outdoor, Children Shoes

July 15, 2017


With rising income in China, consumers demand for quality footwear, this has proved to be very profitable to sell shoes in China. According to the forecast made by Euromonitor, in the next few years China’s footwear market will continue to grow at an average rate of 7%. As quoted by HongKong Trade development council website, in a market survey conducted by Euromonitor evaluates that sales in China’s footwear market in 2016 amounted to Rmb370 billion. The main drivers for this enormous growth have been accredited to increased westernization among Chinese consumers, growing health awareness and major developments in the field of e-commerce.



The contribution of workforce of China’s population between the age of 16-59 is 65.6%. Generally, people that visit formal workplace prefer to wear leather shoes. Now there has been growing emphasis on design and styles of the leather shoes. Male and female consumers have totally different ideas when it comes to buying shoes. Men tend to attach more importance to traditional designs with high preference to comfort, whereas women give more attention to fashion. Commonly, women tend to possess more shoes than men.


Sports, Outdoor Shoes

Chinese are becoming more and more health conscious, so they tend to participate regularly in sporting events. This trend has boosted sports shoes consumption and this has formed an integral part of people’s spending.


Product-wise, multi-functional outdoor shoes are very popular among all age-groups in China, however there is a big market for performance-oriented hiking and walking shoes also.


“Trendiness” and “comfort” are the two key selling points of leisure shoes. Consumers of leisure shoes are primarily aged between 18 and 45, ranging from students to office workers. Leisure shoes also have a brand value and individuality attached to it. This characteristic makes customers remain loyal to the brand.


Children Shoes

This era is considered as Baby booming period of China with 16 million births taking place on the mainland every year. This has given a huge opportunity to all infant care brands in e-commerce market of China with new wave of demand for novelty children’s shoes. Together with this, shoes made from green raw material and less energy resources have also made their place in the market.


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